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Step By Step Pallet Wrapping Guide

How to wrap a pallet with Signet ultimate film in 6 easy steps:

1. Attach the film to the load and stand about 250mm away

2. Let the film unwind feely until you reach the point (before the corner) where you need to apply tension

3. Hold the film parallel with the corner of the pallet before you lock it off with the palm of your hands or thumbs

4. Stretch the film about 30-50% (feel it in the tension) before wrapping around the corner

5. After stretching the film, step around the corner with the tension still applied to prevent puncturing or tearing. Then release and let the film freely unwind.

Attach Stretch Film To Load
Wrap Stretch Film Around Load
Hold Stretch Film Parrallel With Corner
Stretch Film 50% Before Wrapping Around Corner
Keep Tension On Stretch Film While Stepping Around Corner