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Comparing Poly-Woven Strapping & Steel Strapping

Posted on March 30, 2015 by Stephwilkin

Polywoven vs Steel Strap

Strapping is used in a wide range of industries to secure products to pallets and vehicles, or to bundle products together. It is found in a variety of areas; most commonly in the warehousing, packaging and transport sectors. This blog is going to look at two popular types of strapping: poly-woven and steel, as each has its own benefits and understanding this can help you choose the right one for your application.



Lightweight and affordable, poly-woven strapping is often chosen as a safer and cheaper alternative to steel strapping. With no sharp edges to “snap back”, this style of strapping can help reduce workplace injuries and is easy to use, requiring fewer tools. The strapping can retain high tensions and be re-tensioned easily, as well as coiling together for ease of transport between work stations. Perfect for a wide range of situations, poly-woven strapping is one of the most popular options for a number of industries, including at home.


Tools available for this item: stand dispenser, tensioner, standard duty and heavy duty buckles.



Steel strapping is a popular choice for heavy duty use as it can secure many different loads efficiently, offering a durable and long lasting material that is ideal for long term or external storage. Zinc-coated steel strapping it is resistant to rust and will not warp, perfect for all weather conditions, while black steel strapping features smooth, rounded edges making it the safest steel strap to use. Both are strong and durable, often found on the worksite or in the warehouse.


Tools available for this item: dispenser, tensioner, crimper, cutter and snap on seals.


The choice between poly-woven and steel strapping is largely based on the job the strapping is required for –having the right product to the right application is essential. For more advice or to purchase strapping products, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/strapping.

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How a ‘da Vinci’ is packaged for travel

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Stephwilkin

How da vinci is packaged for travel

Moving your favourite piece of artwork or that rare and expensive artwork find can be a scary prospect due to the risk of damage. Some would just wrap it in layers of newspaper and others may utilise trusty bubblewrap before encasing the piece in cardboard for extra protection.

Now imagine the effort in coordinating the packaging and transportation of some of the most famous and expensive paintings in history by artists such as Leonardo da Vinci or Vincent van Gogh.

In April 2005 ‘The Mona Lisa’ moved to its refurbished home in The Louvre Museum in Paris. Moving the most famous painting in history just several meters inside The Louvre came at a cost £3.2 million.

Another of Leonardo da Vinci’s artworks that has had its fair share of global moves is ‘The Lady with the Ermine’. In 2003 the painting was loaned to the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. The task of moving it from Warsaw, Poland was accomplished by a company that specialises in art transport, Rock-It Cargo.

‘The Lady with the Ermine’ was placed in a custom made, heat-treated wooden box. This box was then placed inside a metal container which included a homing device so that the painting could be traced if lost or stolen. The painting was transported via air with an entourage of two armed couriers. It was positioned in first class in its very own seat, with the couriers sitting on each side. More armed guards were ready and waiting at San Francisco airport. They were attached to an unmarked van that transported the painting to the Legion of Honor Museum.

On arrival at the museum, the painting was placed inside a climate-controlled glass casing and a 1 metre boundary was laid down around the painting. You’ve got to admit, that’s a pretty impressive accomplishment to move a historical painting around the world safely!

At Signet we haven’t gotten to climate controlled cases or armed guards, but when it comes to packaging and protecting your items, we’ve got you covered. Click here to view our wide range of protective packaging items including bubble wrap, recycled paper, foam packaging or air cushion options.


Rock-It Cargo. 2014. Available at: http://www.rockitcargo.com

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How to strap a pallet with strapping tape

Posted on September 22, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Strapping tape is a simpler alternative for strapping pallets of goods. It is easier, faster and more cost effective than polypropylene strapping when dealing with lightweight pallets.

§  It is a good alternative to bundling film.

§  Can be applied on top of stretch film to provide added protection during transport.

§  Strapping tape has high impact strength; significant pressure can be applied without      the tape snapping.

§  The adhesive is low grade so it won’t rip the cartons or remove information on labels when the tape is taken off.

Strapping tape

Strapping the Pallet

Step 1

Firstly, the pallet needs to be correctly packed. This can be done through the guide:  How to Pack a Pallet. Make sure the goods are clean before trying to strap as substances like dust can affect the adhesive bond of the tape.

Step 2

Once the pallet is packed, place cardboard corners on each end of the pallet to help maintain the shape.

Step 3

Next, wrap horizontally around the pallet to secure the goods. Begin at the base of the pallet by securing 150mm of strapping tape on the starting edge. Now pull it tight to the next corner of the pallet before adhering. Continue this for all sides of the pallet, increasing the number of horizontal wraps depending on the height of the pallet and the size of the goods.

Step 4

Diagonal layers of strapping tape can be added if extra security and stability is needed for the pallet.


§  The strapping tape dispenser increases ease of use.

For further tips on how to strap or to place an order for strapping tape, head to http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/strapping/strapping-tape.


Davpack. 2014. Strapping Tape. Available at: http://www.davpack.co.uk/strapping-securing/strapping-tape/

Packing Tape Shop. 2014. Strapping Tape. Available at: http://www.packingtapeshop.com.au/tapes/strapping-tape/strapping-tape/

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Spring Cleaning with Signet

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Stephwilkin

September is here which means its time for your annual home or work place spring clean! It’s important to clean and maintain areas like your office, grounds and warehouse to avoid unnecessary injuries and illness, or to stock up, reduce wear and tear and replace any broken or worn out items. Doing this can help improve health and productivity at work as well as improving customer satisfaction with your company.  Find out more about this below on The Cost of Clean infographic.

To get you started on your spring clean, Signet has put together a list of top tips:

1.     Create a kitchen cleaning roster for internal staff to follow during business hours – this will encourage everyone to participate in kitchen hygiene.Make sure you’re stocked up for kitchen cleaning supplies: http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/cleaning-and-janitorial/kitchen-cleaners

2.     Set a time during the month where staff clean and organise their work stations. This will also help you operate lean, dispose of any un-needed items and increase efficiencies

3.     Clean high traffic surfaces regularly: computer mice & keyboards, phones, kitchen & bathroom sinks, taps and handles, microwave door handles, fridge door handles, water fountains, elevator buttons & vending machine buttons

4.     Keep toilet paper, paper towels, hand cleaners and rubbish bags easily accessible for internal staff – this will make it easier and more likely for the staff to re-fill and maintain the bathrooms. Stock up here:  http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/cleaning-and-janitorial

5.     Remove unpleasant odors from the bathroom, office or warehouse with Glen 20 or an automatic wall-mounted air freshener. Have a look at the 3 scents available: http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/bathroom-cleaners/air-freshener

6.     Encourage clean and hygienic hands around the workplace by having hand sanitiser dispensers in high traffic areas. This will help minimise the spread of germs and illness around the office.

7.     Make sure your PPE and safety equipment is in top condition and replace anything that is damaged. Visit here for the full range:  http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/ppe-and-protective-wear

8.     Check your first aid equipment – is everything still within date? Have you run out of any essentials? Top up here – http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/medical-products-and-first-aid

9.     Minimise clutter around the workplace and keep all areas organised with labels, signs, trays and cupboards

10.  Refresh your premises by re-marking lines around your car park, warehouse and general site. For linemarking paint, a trolley or accessories visit http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/linemarking

For more information on spring cleaning or to view the full range of cleaning and janitorial products, head to http://www.signet.net.au/spring.



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How to wrap a pallet

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Once a pallet has been neatly packed (check out http://packaging.com.au/blog/index.php/how-to-pack-a-pallet/), wrapping it with stretch wrap is an effective method to secure the pallet and increase stability.

There are two main types of pallet wrap that are used to do this: blown film and cast film.

Blown Film:

§  Tear and puncture resistant

§  It is stretchable in both directions

§  Sticks to goods on the inside due to its high-tack nature

§  The stronger material of the two films

Cast Film:

§  Can be applied easily

§  Is silent during application

§  High clarity film, making it easy to scan barcodes through

Wrapping the pallet:

§  Begin by attaching the film to base of the pallet. Attach at an angle and wrap around a corner of the pallet

§  Secure the base of the pallet by wrapping film around the base twice

§  When circling the pallet it is recommended to keep the film about 250mm-300mm away from the pallet. This is so you’re not stretching the film against the pallet, but stretching the film and then applying it around the pallet

§  When progressing up the pallet, at least a 50% film overlap is recommended to add overall strength and stability to the load.

§  When at a corner, pull the wrap towards yourself to create tension and stretch the film. Maintain the tension and step around the corner. Once the corner has been rounded, release the tension and continue wrapping freely.

§  When completing the wrapping process, use extra pressure to wrap around the corner and push it downwards over the final corner to complete the process.

Common mistakes to avoid:

§  Loose cartons or products – This can make it difficult to wrap a pallet effectively and securely if cartons are moving around

§  ‘In-boarding’ – This is the term given to the practise of stacking in the centre of the pallet and not filling the base. More film is needed to secure the load, leading to an unnecessary waste. There is also the risk that the wrap may tear on the sharp corners of the pallet.

Following these simple guidelines can provide a company with improved pallet stability and reduced costs due to more effective use of wrapping films.


Signet manufactures its own pallet wrap films which can be found at:  http://www.signet.net.au/store/categories/plastic-wrap-and-stretch-films

Chep. 2013. Best Practices for Handling CHEP Pallets. Available at: www.chep.com/WorkArea/DownloadAsset.aspx?id=8772

Adaptalift Hyster. 2014. How to stretch-wrap pallets. Available at: http://www.aalhysterforklifts.com.au/index.php/about/blog post/how_to_stretch_wrap_pallets._6_simple_tips_to_follow.

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How to pack a pallet

Posted on August 8, 2014 by Stephwilkin

“Packing a pallet” -this is a seemingly simple task that is undertaken daily by businesses all over Australia to efficiently load and safely transport goods. What many don’t realise is that there are some common mistakes that could lead to a higher probability of their goods being damaged.

Here are some pallet basics:

§  A standard Australian pallet weights 43kg

§  Dimensions: 1165mm x 1165mm

§  Maximum load weight: 2 tonnes

Before packing a pallet it’s important to note that the strongest part of the carton is in the vertical edges. These edges are 2/3 of the load bearing strength, with 1/3 coming from the panels.

Packing the pallet:

§  When packing a pallet there are two main types of methods that are used, column or interlocking.

§  The column method is used for a pallet of standard cartons, stacking them in rows and neatly on top of each other.

§  The interlocking method is used for packing various carton dimensions securely together with no gaps, maintaining pallet stability.

§  It’s important to place the large and heavy items at the base of the pallet to maintain stability.

§  Pack items of similar shape and height together to create as much even, flat space as possible.

§  If there are irregular shaped items, leave them for last and pack them on top of the pallet.

Common mistakes to avoid:

§  Packing the pallet too high – This can cause instability and increase the chances of items falling off the pallet and causing injury.

§  Allowing items to overhang the edges of the pallet – This reduces the load strength of the carton and increases the chances of damage.

§  ‘In-boarding’ – This is the term given to the practise of stacking in the centre of the pallet and not filling the base. This wastes space and also causes problems when trying to secure or wrap a pallet. More film is used to secure the load, leading to an unnecessary waste.

§  Packing onto skids – This can cause issues in the warehouse as they are not standard size. This can delay forklift drivers who need to make adjustments to pick up and move the skids.

By following these simple guidelines, a company can improve pallet stability and reduce costs while also improving workplace safety.

Signet’s pallet cartons allow for a neat fit onto a standard pallet. Different sizes can be easily packed together, saving time.

Signet is an Australian owned company that has been operating for over 45 years and is a leader in the packaging industry. Signet is Always in Stock, Always on Time and Always the Lowest Price.

How to pack a pallet


Virtual Warehouse. 2014. Carton Stacking Problems. Available at: https://nationalvetcontent.edu.au/alfresco/d/d/workspace/SpacesStore/2cbe3b64-c1cf-43e8-8d9d-f946928fa839/213/content_sections/a21/pack/stacking_prob.htm.

FedEx. 2014. How to Pack LTL Freight. Available at: http://www.fedex.com/us/service-guide/our-services/package-freight/.

Chep. 2014. Wooden Pallets. Available at: http://www.chep.com/Pallets/Wooden_pallets/.

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Do your suppliers focus on your company’s needs?

Posted on August 1, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Aug YBG Launch1

Signet does with a fast, simple and secure online store that now has a whole new range of products and features. It has never been easier for you to order supplies for all areas of your business as well as manage your account.

Signet was founded on the belief that business people were looking for a combination of good value and good service. This basic philosophy combined with a focus on being as easy as possible to do business with, has lead to significant company growth and continuous improvements over the past decade.

The August update to the Signet online store and catalogue includes an even bigger range of products and more than 600 price reductions. Some of the exciting new products include:

§  Signet’s Own mailing bags

§  Printed barrier tapes

§  New sizes of pallet wrap

§  39 new printer cartridges from your favourite brands

The latest update to the online store has also focused on fixing common problems that companies experience when dealing with multiple suppliers – from running around placing orders from several different suppliers,  spending time dealing with time-wasting sales representatives and chasing invoices and incomplete orders. The Signet team has been working hard to enhance your online experience with:

§  An extra 3500 products online from brands you know and trust

§  revamped shopping cart which makes checking out faster and easier

§  Improving our search bar to include extra filters and product suggestions

§  Developing a Carton Finder Tool to help you select the right shipping carton

§  Extending our online order cut-off to 3pm for same-day despatch

Start getting real value from your supplier today by working with Signet – your one stop shop who is always in stock, always on time and always reliable. Head to www.signet.net.au.

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The Signet’s Own range of packaging products

Posted on June 25, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Signet'sOwn_Contained Full Colour Logo

The Signet’s Own range of products were created to provide customers with a high level of quality at a value price. Signet has sourced quality products and suppliers to ensure that the Signet’s Own range lives up to the expectation of customers. This range includes Signet’s better-known products, such as packaging tape, pallet wraps and strapping, to some of the newer products, including toilet paper and gloves.

Stretch Film
Signet’s ultimate hand film is a high-performance pallet wrap that uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the same performance as high gauge films but at a significantly lower price. This hand wrap is easy to stretch and assists its users use up to 20% less wrap per pallet. The ultimate lite hand film provides greater savings with a thinner wrap that maintains its strength. The lite film is more suitable for light to medium weight products.

Some other Signet’s Own pallet wraps include:
• Cast wrap
• Blown wrap
• Security wrap, available in white and black
• Coloured wrap, available in blue, green and red
• Airflow wrap
• Bundling film

Signet provides a range of different brands of packaging tape for its customers. Included in this range is Signet’s Own hot melt tape which is a high quality hot melt synthetic rubber packaging tape. It is designed to provide excellent strength and have high initial tack.

As Signet supplies the packaging tape it is available at a much lower cost while still maintaining its great quality.

Other tapes included in Signet’s Own range include:
• Heavy duty packaging tape
• Acrylic packaging tape
• Warning tape in white or fluoro orange
• Filament tape
• Masking tape
• Duct tape

Signet’s Own doculopes provide efficient, precise application with self-adhesive easy peel backing. These doculopes ensure that invoices and packaging slips aren’t lost in transit and arrive safely to their destination.

As these doculopes are supplied by Signet they are available in large quantities of 250-1000 doculopes per box at a very economical price.

Signet’s Own doculopes are available in a variety of sizes and colours with the choice to have a plain window or printed window. Messages available include either “Packaging Slip/Invoice Enclosed” or “Invoice Enclosed” being clearly printed on it. If you have specific text requirements, Signet is also able to custom print to your text on black or yellow.

These are just a few of the products included in the Signet’s Own range. To see the full range of Signet’s Own items, visit http://www.signet.net.au/signetsown.

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Packaging Supplies You Need For Your Office Prank

Posted on May 23, 2014 by Stephwilkin

packaging pranks

Signet provides a large variety of packaging supplies ranging from cardboard boxes and packing tape to bubble wrap.  These products aren’t only ideal for safely and securely sending your packaging items but also playing mischievous and hilarious pranks on your co-workers.

The Desk Wrap

Signet’s range of pallet wrap not only provides secure water resistance and stability during transport and storage but the wrap also allows you to cover and prevent your co-worker from getting to their desk.

All this prank requires is a roll of Signet’s Own pallet wrap and an unsuspecting co-worker.  As they leave the office for lunch or the end of the day proceed to wrap the entirety of their desk with the pallet wrap.  Be sure to include their chair, any stationery or other equipment.    You also have the option of using Signet’s bundling film to wrap individual items on their desk.  This will ensure for a great surprise when they get back to the office.

Both Signet’s cast and blown wrap are   extra stretchy and easy to apply around your co-workers desk and work area.  You have the option between the simple to apply cast wrap which is silent and clear to show the damage you have just done to your co-workers desk, or the blown wrap which is cloudy and sticky to ensure that your co-worker cannot easily remove it.  In addition, the wraps are available in different thicknesses:

§  17um

§  20um

§  23um

§  25um

Thus, the strength and thickness of the wrap is your choice.

Cardboard Box Switch

Your co-workers stationery, office equipment and utensils come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but so does Signet’s cardboard boxes.  Even though Signet has an extensive range of cardboard boxes if there is a specific size that you are looking for Signet can custom make boxes to dimensions of your suiting.  These boxes are a great aid for a humorous and inconvenient prank for your co-worker.  Collect a range of different size boxes and stack your co-workers equipment inside of them.  Once packed place them around the office or workplace to create a clever game of hide and seek for them.

If you are feeling mischievous you can tape the boxes closed with Signet’s Own packaging tape.  If you are feeling extra cruel Signet’s Own heavy duty packaging tape is the product you are seeking to seal  the cardboard boxes with the essential office supplies inside.

Psychiatric Office

Have you ever pictured walking into the padded cell of a psychiatric hospital?  I’m sure your co-workers haven’t either.  Using Signet’s range of Polycell or Sealed air bubble wrap you can coat your co-workers office with a lightweight and protective layer.  When they walk back into their office they will be shocked to see their office engulfed in bubble wrap.  You can be assured that neither them nor any of their equipment will sustain any damage while coated in bubble cushions that protect from shock, vibration and stop contents from rattling around.
Continue reading →

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Signet’s Last Stop Around the World

Posted on May 2, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Since February 1 Signet has taken you around the world – to amazing countries including North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica, Asia and Europe. These trips have highlighted cultural facts unique to the country, helpful information including languages, currencies and seasons as well as a few fun facts which make great conversation starters.

May is the last month of the Signet Travel Competition where if you place an order over $300ex GST you automatically go in the draw to win a massive $12,000 travel voucher! So to mark this occasion, our last two stops include the beautiful Oceanic Region and iconic Australia.

Head over to www.signet.net.au for your chance to win the fantastic prize – you’ve only got until May 31st to get unlimited entries! And don’t forget, Signet’s got you covered.


Posted in Signet | Tagged africaantarcticaasiaAustraliaeuropeNorth AmericaOceaniasouth americatravel |Leave a commentAround the World with Signet – Asia & Europe Edition

Posted on April 14, 2014 by Stephwilkin

So far this year the Signet tourguide has visited North America, South America, Africa and Antarctica. It’s time to buckle up again as we head to Asia and Europe.

Both countries have rich, vibrant cultures and offer memories to last a lifetime. Read on for information you’ll need to know for future travel, fun facts and helpful tips.

Don’t forget that Signet has you covered – any order placed between now and May 31st that is over $300ex GST could see you winning a $12,000 travel voucher! Head to www.signet.net.au to get into the draw.



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How To Organise Your Warehouse

Posted on March 28, 2014 by Stephwilkin

Organised Warehouse

Warehouses are typically very busy with people and machines moving around, trucks driving past and goods being stacked on or pulled off shelves. This can be a dangerous environment if people are not operating within set standards and guidelines. Having an organised warehouse can provide many benefits to a company including enhanced safety, increased productivity and higher employee job satisfaction. Read on for a how-to guide towards achieving an organised warehouse:


One of the quickest and most effective ways of communicating with workers and visitors is through signs. You can warn people about potential dangers, give instructions with health and safety signs, encourage a clean and safe workplace with housekeeping signs, communicate mandatory procedures, clearly indicate the location of emergency supplies, and prevent accidents with warning or prohibition signs. You can also easily direct people with factory and site signs, fire safety signs, traffic signs and floor marking signs, or simply show people where the exits are.

If you can’t find a sign to fit your requirements, look into having it custom made. Signet has a range of industry templates, text and icons available.